Executive Committee


Lan Quoc Nguyen


David Vo


Alan Vo Ford


Chi Nguyen

Board Member

Hoa Nguyen

Board Member

Anthony Nguyen

Board Member

Thuan Phan

Board Member

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Tel: (714) 760-6631

Organizing Members

Financial Committee - Ban Tài Chánh

Budget Planning & Control. Collection & Expenditure Control. Accounting

Alan Ford *

Lân Quốc Nguyễn

Fundraising Committee – Ban Gây Quỹ Bảo Trợ

Fundraising. Solicit sponsorship. Advertising Implementation

David Võ *

Alan Ford

Thảo Ly Võ

Marketing - Quảng Bá

Promotion. Media relations. Web site & Social Media Control. 

Material for marketing. Videographic and documentation of parade

Charlie Chí Mạnh Nguyễn *

Lân Quốc Nguyễn

David Võ

Alan Ford

Trương Quốc Huy

Nicholas Trung Nguyễn (Media Relations Coordinator)

Nguyên Trần

Thảo Ly Võ

Program – Chương Trình

Program planning and control for opening ceremony

Chí Mạnh Nguyễn *

Cao Minh Hưng

Lân Quốc Nguyễn

Alan Ford

Registration – Ghi Danh

Register Participants. Line-up Planning. Coordination with Participants

Charlie Chí Mạnh Nguyễn *

Ngân Nguyễn

Nguyên Trần

Hòa Văn Nguyễn

Lê Tự Hà

Technical - Kỹ Thuật

Technical Planning. Permit Application and Compliance.  Stage sound and electrical

Thuần Phan *

Anthony Nguyễn

David Võ

Cang Nguyễn

Decoration – Khánh Tiết

Design and install banners, flags and parade route. Advertising implementation.

Thuần Phan *

An Nguyễn

Float Control & Inspection - Kiểm Soát Xe Hoa

Design, control and inspect floats.

Thuần Phan * 

Thắng Nguyễn

Trung Nguyễn

Hospitality - Tiếp Tân

Coordinate and assist guests from out of town. Food for staff and volunteers on parade day.

Đào Trần*

Ngân Nguyễn

Nguyễn Kim Lang

Trúc Linh

Volunteers Coordination - Điều Hợp Thiện Nguyện Viên

Recruit, deploy and coordinate volunteers

Judie Diệp 

Thụy Vi Phạm

Liên Đoàn Thăng Long

Liên Đoàn Chi Lăng

Liên Đoàn Chí Linh

Parade Flow Control– Hướng dẫn diễn hành

Crowd control. Parade lineup execution. Security planning

Thắng Nguyễn*

Thuần Phan

Anthony Nguyễn

Chí Charlie Nguyễn

Choc Lê

Security - Trật Tự

Hòa Văn Phạm*

Choc Lê

Communication - Truyền Tin

Communication among volunteers along parade route

Nguyễn Hồng Chi*

First Aid – Y Tế

Planning and implement first aid stations along parade route

Ban Tài Liệu

Nguyễn Minh

Nguyễn An